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Bible Answers Part 1

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How do I determine my Christian calling?

Once saved, always, saved?

Will we be alive at the resurrection of the dead?

How can I become a counselor? 

Is he the Antichrist? 

Differentiate between what Covenant and Dispensational Theology says about prophecy

To tithe or not to tithe?

Lordship salvation or Free Grace? 

Orthodox versus Contemporary Theology

Difference between wisdom, knowledge and understanding

When did God create the sun, moon and stars?

Question about grace, Jesus going to hell and family secrets

Will my faith save my wife since we are one?

Should Christians give all their tithes only to church?

Why does Satan hate Christians so?

About conflict handling modes

About premillenealism

About dating

Are we still under the law?

About the Great Tribulation

Question related to missions

About why we should be involved in Christian service

What does the Bible say about women preaching?

Are there ministry angels assigned to Christians?

Do all Christians backslide?

How to explain gay marriage to Christian youth?

How to deal with workplace conflict.

How does bible-teaching-about benefit Third World Christians.

How to find God's will in times of trouble.

Was man created eternal?

Advice to a woman "lost" in a strange city.

How many will survive the tribulation?

What is the difference between evangelicals and pentecostals?

Bible teaching about what to eat and what not to eat. 

"Physician heal thyself !" it's context and Jesus rejection explained.

Where is the Ark?

Connection between worship and eartly relationships

About Malachi 4:5

Why did God fed Israelites manna when they had cattle?

What happened between the Old and New Testament? 

The difference between church and ministry.

Explaining I Corinthians 7:14: does it mean a wife's faith can save husband? 

Explaining Revelation 22:18, 19: Has special revelation ceased?

My family is against the man I wish to marry!

Explaining Hebrews 12:14: once saved, always saved?

Why was Aaron not punished for the golden calf?

Who will occupy the millennial kingdom?

What to do with physical longings when you are single?

Premillenealism and other views about the end times

How to dismiss a church worker

Explain how water came into existence before creation

Jesus' genealogy explained

Women counseling men?

Does God need food and drink?

Is it okay for Christian lawyer to defend a guilty person?

What does the Bible say about marrying someone older?

Stopping meaningless verbal fillers when speaking or teaching 

How to incorporate a church

Divorced Christian, can he still have a ministry?

Is it okay for women to wear trousers to church? 

Should she marry her aggressive boyfriend? 

Is confessing to God enough or should I confess to those who have no knowledge of or involvement in it? 

Lordship salvation explained

Afraid of hell and of losing salvation

Spiritual Gifts

Prophecy about Christ's death

Was Judas the Antichrist?

Heaven or hell? Where will a good man who lusts after a married woman go?

Where was God before creation?

Are there financial angels?

Do I need to divorce my polygamous husband to be with Christ? 

When facing financial ruins, should I stay married? 

Adultery and confession

Reconciling after divorce: Is it still possible?

The hoopla about Tim Tebow and John 3:16


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