It is good to have you here at the Newman Bible Academy! It shows that you have a genuine interest in advancing your knowledge of the Bible and Christian ministry. Our motivation for the academy comes from a deep desire on our part to fulfill the Great Commission. Esmie and I know that your’s does too. The 20 courses, two-year-program offered by the Newman Bible Academy is designed to be completed entirely online. Esmie and I have directed it to developing countries, and those areas where Christian training is limited or non-existent.

Here is the GOOD NEWS! You may now take all the courses for FREE! Yes, FREE! This is because we have made a commitment to raise the money ourselves to support the ministry. Although we certainly will appreciate donation from those who want to do so! Should you decide to transfer the credits to Faith Seminary for a Bachelor’s degree in Religion, the transfer fee still applies, as per Faith Seminary policy. See details here:

The first course is on Christian Foundations. We require all enrollees to start with this course. Each course includes the ebook(s) for a text, syllabus, exam materials, and our personal attention. If you successfully complete the entire program, you will receive a diploma. The program focus is on Bible, theology, and Christian ministry. Our orientation is interdenominational.

One exciting part of the program is that you may transfer up to 60 credit hours to Faith Evangelical Seminary in Tacoma, WA USA toward a bachelor’s degree in religion (assuming you meet other requisites of the seminary). The B.A. may be fully completed on line at

We believe and pray that God will use this excellent program to equip you to be even more successful in the Lord’s work than you already are. You can complete all the courses online, at your own pace, and in the privacy your own home (or neighborhood internet café if need be). All you need is a computer (and reasonable computer skills), printer, a reasonable command of English, a Bible, and motivation.

Paul stated, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15). We want to follow his admonition, and we know that you do too. Below, you can click on various sections to find out more about how the program works – and HOW TO ENROLL - NOW.

You are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons – and you will enjoy the right results! Continue on!

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We highly recommend that you print the pages on How to Enroll and the Courses of Study.

How to Enroll

History of Newman Bible Academy

Mission Statement, Core Values
Doctrinal Statement


Qualifications of Administors


GOOD NEWS! For those of you who are more tech-savvy, the Newman Bible Academy is getting moodle-ize!! This means you may not take the courses online, which means you may open all accompanying e-books/manuals and take the tests online using your own moodle account. Moodle gives you your exam result as soon as you finish the online multiple choice tests. Click here to set your moodle account and take the first and only required course : Theo 101 - Christian Foundations. We are in the process of uploading the rest of the courses required for the 2-year degree. To take this course via moodle, CLICK HERE.


How to transfer credits to Faith Seminary

FREE Bible for your iphone!

Download a FREE Bible application for your iphone (or any internet-enabled mobile phone) for FREE! The YouVersion is easy to use, provides the Bible in different versions including the New International Version, the King James Version, the American Standard Version, the Amplified Bible, etc. in different languages aside from English like Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and many more! YouVersion also provides one-year reading plans to choose from. To download the YouVersion type this on your cell phone browser and follow instructions. Or you can read and follow instructions on how to download by clicking here.

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