Cost to Transfer Credits from Newman Bible Academy to Faith Evangelical Semianry

The Governing Board of the Newman Bible Academy has placed a two tiered cost and transfer policy into effect with regards to Faith Evangelical Seminary. The fist policy refers to international students and the second policy refers to students in the United States and Canada.

International students

For international students of Newman Bible Academy, Faith Evangelical Seminary will accept in transfer a maximum of 60 credits (60 hours) toward the seminary’s 180-hour Bachelor of Arts in Religion online program. No extra fees are charged for the 60 transfer credits. The remainder of the transfer student’s undergraduate program can be fully completed online at the seminary. Their cost, at this writing, is $130 (USD) per quarter credit hour.

United States and Canada students

The tuition costs for students in the United States and Canada are the same as international students. However, transfer credit to Faith Evangelical Seminary is handled differently.

The seminary will accept a maximum of 30 credit hours toward their Bachelor of Arts in Religion degree program. In addition, if the student wishes to transfer credit to the seminary, the Newman Bible Academy will charge an additional transfer fee of $90 per course transferred. If the maximum 30 hours (ten courses) are transferred, the student will be assessed a transfer fee of $900. The fee must be paid before the academy will release a transcript to the seminary.

Even with the minimal transfer fee, the Newman Bible Academy program provides a tremendous tuition savings. At Faith Evangelical Seminary, the regular cost for 30 hours is $3,900. The same credits taken at Newman Bible Academy and used as transfer would cost $1,200---saving the student $2,700 in tuition.

This transfer offer does not apply to undergraduate students who are currently enrolled at Faith Evangelical Seminary. We are not a competitor to the seminary, but a partner in the Gospel ministry.

All provisions herein contained are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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