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Welcome to your Library. By that I mean I am putting most of what I have written here in pdf. format for you to use absolutely free of charge. You can download the various doctrines and commentaries and use them for your own personal or professional reference and study, or to supply for your students if you are a Bible teacher. The only thing I ask is that you adequately cite that it belongs to me, along with our website, and that you don’t package and sell it on the open market without my permission.

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Here is some background. I have four post graduate degrees, with two of them at the doctoral level. The Lord has been very good to me and has allowed me to be a pastor for eight years, an overseas missionary for seven years in the Kingdom of Tonga, and over 30 years teaching from community college, Bible College, university and seminary level. Putting all those years of going to school, then teaching as a pastor, missionary and educator, I have more than 40 years of serious study of the Bible.

My main focus is theology, Bible, psychology, and cross-culture studies. Students have ranged from village pastors with no education to graduate school students. My experience with people of another culture has encompassed over 35 years.

He has given me opportunity to write some 600 pages of systematic theology, and over 400 pages of Bible commentary, plus many other manuals and articles on various subjects. My wife (Esmeralda) and I have started Bible Academies in several countries around the world, with the target population being village pastors and Christian leaders. Those Academies do not have good (or any) libraries; consequently, I desire to make our works available to those village pastors and leaders – and anyone else. The best way is to make them available is via the internet.

Some of the material is what we teach in those Bible academies, and some is not – but are my lecture notes from over the years taught at different institutions. Consequently, some is easy to understand while others are more complicated in content. The writing is not uniform, meaning some is written at a popular level, and other material at a graduate school level and in outline form.

My goal is to give you quality evangelical Christian research to the end that you become better equipped to become an even better success than you are now – and all to the glory of Jesus Christ and betterment of His people. At 78 years of age, my time of service to Christ in this life is nearing the end, and I desire to pass on to others what God has taught me. At this writing, I am still (and will continue) teaching and starting Bible academies overseas. My time on this earth is in the hands of Almighty God.

Some of the doctrines are in outline form and are not consistent in page numbers, because I broke my manuals on theology into shorter doctrines or pieces. There are major bibliographies that contain selected references, and also match the foot notes in the theologies. Sometimes the bibliographies are contained in the written material itself.

A word about the numbering and identification system.

SyTh indicates systematic theology, either as my lecture notes with the scribbles in the margins, etc., or written in a popular form.The contents page gives page numbers, except for the theologies written in popular form.

Com refers to a commentary.

Sur refers to a survey such as Old Testament or New Testament.

Bak refers to historical background information regarding the Bible: people, places, events.

Rel Cult refers to other religions and Christian cults.

Practical refers to helps for practical Christian ministry: how to study the Bible, prepare messages, teach, pastoral duties, etc.

Remember, all these works are copyrighted by me.

Enjoy your studies,

Dr. Willis C. Newman



SyTh table of contents vol. 1. Outlines subjects and page numbers for the outlined lecture notes. Covers Prolegomena, Bible,God, Holy Spirit, Angels, Satan, Spiritual Warfare.

SyTh table of contents vol. 2. Outlines subjects and page numbers for the outlined lecture note. Covers doctrines of man, sin, Christ, Salvation, church, last things.

SyTh Bibliography. Lists sources for footnotes for only the outlined lecture notes. Annotated.

SyTh Bible. Popular written. Explains the nature, purpose, and proofs of the Christian Bible.

Prolegomena: overview of Christian Theology

SyTh God part one. Describes God's identity and existence His attributes, or what He is like.

SyTh God part two. Continues from part two and covers the Trinity, works of God, including Hs decree in salvation, creation, and providence.

SyTh Jesus Christ. Explains His presentation in history, preparation for Christ's first advent, His two natures, supernatural birth, atonement, resurrection, ascension, exaltation and present ministry.

SyTh Holy Spirit. Describes the Person and general work of the Holy Spirit as well as His work in the lives of believers. Also gives the historical theology regarding the Holy Spirit.

SyTh Angels. Explains an overview of the doctrine, their existence, nature, character, number and organization, holy and evil angels, and the problem of Genesis 6:1-4, or the sexual activity between angels and women.

SyTh Satan. Describes the person, nature, career, work, realm of operation, the nature of Satan's sin, and the believer and spiritual warfare.

SyTh Salvation. Loaded with powerful doctrines: grace, election, calling, repentance, saving faith, conversion, justification, regeneration, adoption, union with Christ, sanctification, eternal security, and glorification.

SyTh Resurrection of mankind. Packed with fascinating information of the great hope of Christians. Explains the importance, biblical overview, general nature, Premillennial order, nature of our new bodies, and the manner and practical benefits of the coming resurrection.

SyTh Heaven. A few pages taken from my Systematic Theology outlining the basic features of what heaven is and will be like. Included is an overview of heaven, the location of heaven, the new heavens and earth, and 12 beautiful conditions that await the believer in heaven. Great stuff for those of us who are getting close.

SyTh Intermediate state. Describes what happens after we die.

SyTh Judgments and final state. Describes the final destination of both the saved and unsaved.

SyTh The church, purpose, offices pastor duties. This includes the doctrine of the Church. Highly practical for pastors.

SyTh Christian Foundations. A Quick overview of the major Christian doctrines along with some practical stuff on prayer, evangelism, Bible interpretation.

Com Gospels. Background of the Gospels, critical issues, and commentary on the Gospels of Matthew and Mark.

Com Gospels & Acts. Commentary on the Gospels of Luke, John, and the Acts of the Apostles.

Bak + Com. The Apostle Paul & his epistles. Romans to Titus. 136 pages packed with fascinating facts about Paul and analysis of his epistles. Did you know that Romans may be considered the very first Systematic Theology?

Com Hebrews. Background and commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews.

Com James: Background and commentary on the Epistle to James.

Com 1, 2 Peter. Advice on how to live in this upside down world. Background and commentary. Very practical, yet scholarly.

Bak The Herod family. Gives in depth historical background of some villains of the New Testament during the life of Jesus.

Bak Old Testament Survey. Overview of the OT, background, JEDP, chronological eras.

BAK New Testament Survey. Overview of the NT, background, history, outlines of each book.

Rel Cult. Jehovah Witnesses. A short comparison between JW's and the Bible. Are they Christian? Find the answers here.

Practical. How to study the Bible. Methods, preparation, tools, principles, types of literature, inductive method. Short and concise.

Practical. Evangelism short version. This is a shortened version of my larger work which is the theology and practice of theology. This breads the essentials down, and gives a gospel tract at the end that you can use.

Practical: pastoral duties. Practical for pastors the doctrine of the church This has an outline and commentary of the Pastoral duties. goes well with the SyTh on the Church listed above.

Practical. Sermon preparation. How to prepare and deliver powerful sermons. Also, principles and methods of teaching, conducting Bible studies, Bible interpretation.

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