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Matthew and Mark:
An Introduction

The Gospels: Background & Analysi

The nature of the Gospel

Matthew & Mark

By Dr. Willis C. Newman<br><br>

This 115 plus page introductory ebook includes background material on Matthew and Mark and the rest of the four Gospels. It provides an outline, analysis and commentary focused on the two Gospels: Matthew and Mark. It also summarizes the life of Christ, and tackles such issues as the “synoptic” problem. 

Several special topics are explained, for example, demons, marriage and divorce, Judas, hell, Josephus and Jesus, miracles, and the Trinity. Check out the table of contents below for more details.

Table of Contents

Characteristics of the Gospels

  • The number of Gospels
  • Competition, Abundant information, Targeted groups
  • Sectarian groups, Supplemental and complementary advantage
  • Legal principle, God’s authorship
  • The development of the Gospel accounts
  • The issue of reliability
  • The language of the Gospels
  • The story framework and flow is consistent
  • Common emphasis of the Gospels
  • Evangelical summary of the Gospels

Critical issues of the Gospel

  • Concept of canonicity summarized
  • Definitions and concepts
  • Tests of canon
  • Key considerations of canon
  • History of canon
  • Canonicity of the Gospels
  • The synoptic problem of the Gospels
  • The synoptic Gospels
  • The synoptic problem
  • The synoptic solution
  • Form Criticism

The cultural & historical context of the Gospels

  • The political/cultural context
  • The Roman Empire
  • The Hellenistic world
  • The 400 silent years
  • Persian, Greek, Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Maccabean, Roman, Herodian
  • The major religions of the day
  • Greek/Roman, Emperor, mystery, occult, philosophies
  • The important groups, institutions of the day
  • Synagogue, Sanhedrin, Sects, Scribes, Zealots
  • Factors used to prepare the world for Christ
  • The prophetic Scriptures
  • The partisan sects of Judaism
  • The pagan secularism
  • The political status of the world

An overview of Jesus Christ

  • Messiah, Savior, Lord, God
  • An overview of Christ in the Gospels & Old Testament
  • Christ is key to the Bible
  • Christ is revealed in the Gospels
  • Political, governmental, intellectual, spiritual
  • The OT saw the 4 fold presentation
  • The OT branch
  • The Person of Jesus Christ
  • The Deity of Christ
  • The humanity of Christ
  • The character of Christ

Summary: The death, burial, resurrection of Christ

  • The trials of Jesus
  • 15 events of the crucifixion
  • The events of the resurrection
  • The post resurrection appearances of Christ
  • The proofs of Christ’s resurrection
  • The importance of Christ’s resurrection
  • The resurrection related to Christ’s unique work
  • The nature of Christ’s resurrected body
  • The life of Christ in outline form
  • Preparation of Christ
  • Ministry of Christ
  • Specialized ministry
  • Concluding ministry
  • Consummation

The Gospel of Matthew

  • Background, Outline, Analysis, Commentary
  • Background context
  • Background information
  • The Gospel, writer, date, language, purpose, major information
  • Noteworthy observations
  • Genealogy
  • Authority of Christ
  • Exercise of authority
  • The keynote
  • The kingdom
  • King of the Jews
  • Broad sweep of Matthew

An outline of the Gospels

Brief outline of Matthew

  • The preparation of the King</B><br>
  • The descent of the King
  • The birth of the King
  • The infancy of the King
  • The preparation of the King’s ministry
  • Miracles

The public ministry of the King

  • His message, workers, method, teachings
  • His power
  • His kingdom proclaimed
  • His kingdom program rejected
  • His great invitation
  • His change of program
  • His present kingdom on earth in parables
  • Sower, wheat & tares, mustard seed, leaven, hidden treasure,
  • pearl of great price, dragnet
  • Further rejection of Messiah
  • The King reveals His church

The suffering and death of the King

  • The preparation of the King
  • Predictions, transfiguration, miracles, triumphal entry, Israel
  • Rejected, entrapment, judgment on scribes and Pharisees,
  • Signs of second coming, dispensations.
  • The sacrifice of the King
  • Passover, Gethsemane, Judas’ betrayal, trials, Peter’s denial,
  • Pilate, crucified, burial.

The conquest of the King

  • His resurrection
  • Extended comments
  • His great commission
  • The Trinity
  • The kingdom of heaven
  • The money changers
  • The Church and state
  • Marriage, divorce, remarriage
  • Miracles  

The Gospel of Mark

  • Background, Outline, Analysis, Commentary
  • Background context
  • Background information
  • Emphasis
  • Author , Mark’s ministry
  • Date and place of writing
  • Noteworthy observations
  • Genealogy, Servant, four parables
  • Brief outline of the Gospel of Mark
  • Analysis and comments
  • Christ’s preparation for ministry
  • Ministry of John the Baptist
  • Baptism and temptation
  • Christ’s Galilean ministry
  • Early ministry in Capernaum, great power demonstrated
  • Christ’s personnel and parables
  • Mighty expressions of power

Christ’s closing ministry

  • Peter’s confession
  • Cost of discipleship
  • Transfiguration of Christ
  • The demon possessed boy
  • Christ’s prediction of death and resurrection
  • The issue of great leadership
  • Christ’s teaching on hell
  • Teaching on divorce and remarriage
  • Childlike faith in Christ is needed
  • Teaching on wealth and eternal life
  • Teaching on selfish ambition; blind Bartimaeus

Christ’s passion and death

  • Christ’s public presentation
  • Christ teaching His disciples (Olivet Discourse)
  • Unfolding of Passover
  • Trials and crucifixion of Christ

Christ’s resurrection and ascension

  • Empty tomb, appearances, great commission, ascension
  • Extended notes
  • Observations on Judas Iscariot
  • Facing trouble in life (Garden of Gethsemane)
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Josephus and Jesus
  • Notes on demons
  • Selected bibliography for the New Testament
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