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Married To Christ

by Danielle Schuster
(Laguna Woods, Ca, US)

Happy Serving Jesus

Happy Serving Jesus

Praise the Lord we made it!! We, meaning Jesus my Savior and Friend also with the teaching and wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Not to mention the love and protection of my Father God.

I read and hear so much about "Women's Ministry" as if we are all married with earthly husband being protected sheltered and comforted. However the fact and the statistics bear out that many of us are SINGLE, DIVORCED and/or SEPARATED. So if that is you, this blog is for you. You are not forgotten overlook or invisible. You, single, divorce or separated woman... are a valuable part of the church.

"We made it"..is also what my son said at his H. S. graduation picking me up and twirling me around. You see he was without a father since he was 22 months old. A painful and devastating divorce left me scrambling for safety with 3 children under five. Yes I was a Christian many years serving the Lord, when this unexpectedly happened in my Christian home.
I had a father who was a Pastor, a mother who was an Evangelist and I my self was in worship ministry.However the bible says (Matt 5:45) the rain falls on the just and unjust. It was a dark season of my life.

Today 20 years later, I am still single still loving Jesus still serving Jesus. I gave my children over to the Holy Spirit to help me raise. I gave my will over to God and stayed married to Christ and his church. Yes I struggled with loneliness and yes I made mistakes, yes I struggled with finances but I never gave up on what God could do!!!He has never left me nor forsaken me. Single sisters stay married to Christ.Let him be your all and all and your covering.
Did I want to get married? yes, did God grant that to me to have a mate to help me raise my kids and be of support? No, for me He said his grace is sufficient. Hear me sisters there is nothing wrong with trusting God in this area of your life. Better Christ than the wrong one.He knows what is best wait on him for in God's season for he will make all things beautiful

Today I have 3 grandchildren one on the way. 2 married daughters who have met their husbands in the church youth group. A son on his way to graduate school for a PHD. The eldest daughter , was diagnosed bi polar, tried to kill her self almost succeeded is 100 % off of any meds, living healthy working a a Bachelors in psychology in England happily married with 2 boys. My middle daughter and her husband graduated from a Christian college together and serve in ministry.God CAN DO ANYTHING!!! STAY MARRIED TO CHRIST!! HE LOVES YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE ON THIS EARTH. Be an example to your children on depending on God and having faith with strength, dignity and grace. Go through and grow through what you must do. WE MADE IT! AND YOU CAN MAKE IT TOO!

Danielle Schuster
Power of the Living Word Ministries
Teacher and Speaker.

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