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Seven day creation


God was present before there was heaven and earth and all that is in it – when it was “formless and void,” – empty, without shape and colors, life and light. Formless can also mean, “confused.” Before creation, there was no order.

A commentator rightfully said that the author of Genesis only speaks of the seen world.  There was no description of God and angels and their abode and their then and now known “world,” or dimension.

The first verse is so clear and definite – it was God who created the heavens and the earth, and that He existed before the heavens and the earth were formed.  However, there were “waters” – He was described as, "moving," in the surface of the waters. Water seems to be pre-existent element- in relation to the rest of the created universe.

DAY ONE: On the first day of creation, there was no evening and morning to constitute the day before the lights were made. Light was what God made during the FIRST day. He simply uttered the words: “Let there be light!” Even just reading that brings chills to my bones! I can feel its power!! And the following phrase bears testament to His power: “and there was light!” God decides, speaks and makes it happen!

He can walk in the dark recesses of a man’s soul and bring order, life and light. He covers a dark and empty life and fills it with light and colors! 

Darkness exists not because He made it, it simply exists when there is no light. So even after light was made, darkness was still there. God separated the light from the dark and called them night and day. God first made light, because light is a primary need for anything to grow and exist.

DAY TWO:  On day two of Creation, He separated the waters – one He placed above, and the other below with a “vault,” separating the two. This vault was called “sky.” He called the upper watery expanse: heaven. This gives the impression that the atmosphere in the beginning was watery – creating a greenhouse effect, which shielded His creation from the harsh elements. After the first day, there was evening and morning. Time began!

DAY THREE: this was a busy day. First, He separated the waters below and allowed them to pool in different places – which make up the current seas. Then, He commanded the dry soil to emerge forming the land masses where people and animals and trees would soon exist. He also caused vegetation to sprout. I can almost smell the fresh pines, and the flowers! It must be glorious! The fruit bearing trees were made to produce “after their kind.” There was no need for each species of plant to evolve or morph into something else. The earth was covered with vegetation of all sorts and kinds! A feast awaited mankind! Isn’t it so like God to create and provide in abundance? He could have simply created an oasis of waters and plants, but His creation was abundant, verdant, plentiful, varied, fresh and sumptuous.

DAY FOUR: This was when He filled the sky with lights: sun, stars, planets, meteors, and meteorites to illuminate or give light. Thousands of years later, man is still unsure how huge and how expansive the universe as we know it is! Again, here God displayed His generosity. He did not make a thousand stars and few planets and moons, but innumerable! I can’t help but sometimes think: overkill! However, He wants His creation to display His power, beauty and majesty! I am thinking that perhaps because God is so powerful, He simply can’t make just one or two….He simply says it, and gazillion stars were born!!

DAY FIVE: This day, was even busier. First, he created the sea creatures so that it was immediately teeming with small and giant creatures. The verse says “sea monsters,” – and I picture the whales, sharks, and perhaps all sorts of Lochness-like sea creatures. Who knows what lies beneath the sea where man has yet to explore? And He also created all sorts of flying creatures! God also blessed all these living creatures, and gave them the mandate to multiply!

God also created the land animals and all living things including creepy, crawly creatures. He made them after their own kind. There was no gradual evolution that took millions of years of accidental mutations, formation and reformation. Each of the species were made instantaneously as they were!

And then God capped the day with the grandest of all His creation: man. I can picture God looking at all He’s created, and then paused to turn to the “others” with Him - the Holy Spirit and Jesus, saying: “Let us make man in OUR image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” It is interesting that He did not merely speak out man, and that He included the others in the Trinity in the process. Also, He had a plan: that man will be MADE in God’s image, that they will be above all the other creation: the fish and all the animals, so that they may rule over all His creation. He also very specifically made them male and female and then He blessed them and mandated them to multiply. He also instructed them to feed on the vegetation (no meat!).


Main lesson: Man is special in all of God's CREATION

  • God is the Creator of all that exist!
  • The Trinity exists before creation, and was involved in creation.
  • Man was made by God Himself- no less than the TRINITY: not simply spoken out, but was handmade by God!
  • Man was made in the image of God. No other animals or creatures were made after God’s image!
  • Man was designed to be male and female. One completing and complimenting the other.
  • Man was given dominion over all the other creatures.
  • Man was designed originally to be vegetarian.
  • He was mandated to multiply and subdue the earth.
  • This subduing connotes work – work is not a curse but part of God’s original plan.



God you are awesome in your power and wisdom! You have created the world not haphazardly, but with great thought and intelligent design!  You did not create everything randomly but with thoughtful care and precision. Had you created man without water, light and food first, they would not have survived!

In light of the implicated fact that you existed before there were heavens, earth, animals, and men, why would you even want to create willful man who would someday spite you? Why would you even be interested in having a relationship with sinful men? Why did you want to make man, the object of your grace and goodness? Why did you even want mere mortal to become heirs to your kingdom? 

I humbly bow before you to worship and adore you! Thank you for choosing me before the foundation of the world to be a recipient of your mercy and to be a part of your kingdom!

Help me to fix my eyes on you and ever be faithful in laying treasures in heaven instead of accumulating “things” that were simply made and provided for us to live and do your will! Please do not allow me to replace you and put mere creation, to worship and adore. Help me to always live for you, my Creator!

God, I will cease looking in the wrong places for honor, provision, fulfillment and purpose. I am yours to do as you please. Use me as you see fit for your purposes and your glory. With excitement and trepidation I follow you and await your instructions.

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