Recommended Christian Websites

Discovery of Design
Our purpose is to highlight practical designs placed in nature by the Creator for our benefit. This is a new paradigm for science study: Searching out the Creator's secrets. Check out the Design of the Month, or peruse through the many design examples!
Provides excellent book reviews, music reviews, articles and other Christian products.
A website that offers a fresh look on beauty, relationships and more!
Find great Christian art posters that exalts the presence and love of the living God!

Faith Evangelical Seminary
Excellent evangelical seminary offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. Resident. Online. Distance learning.
A great website where you can learn about the mind-body-spirit connection, find effective weight loss tips and where you'd find some great recipes! Start making lifestyle changes!
Excellent site on biblical creation and science. Well qualified Christian scientists, researchers, educators, and professionals.
Save time-consuming searches on the Internet for Christian connections and family-safe sites, stores, services,bible helps.

Discovery Institute
Discovery Institute is dedicated to advancing the concepts of Intelligent Design as evidence that the complexity of the universe is such that it had to have been created by special design – as opposed to evolutionary dogma.

Phillip E. Johnson
This site is about Phillip E Johnson, an educator and scholar with a law background, is a prolific author on the issues of creation and evolution. Features his books and articles.

A website about a Christian Ministry in Milton, Ontario, Canada, called to minister the centrality of Jesus Christ through Inductive Bible studies, Marriage Courses,Inner-healing prayer ministry, Praise and Worship leadership, Small Group Retreats and Itinerant Teaching.

Devotional Reflections from the Bible
Devotional Reflections and poetry on many topics from the Bible for your own personal use. Included are devotions for women, devotions for teens, and devotions for children. All devotions are indexed alphabetically and by Bible reference.

A website that provides basic Bible knowledge, and insights into your favorite verses. This site will help enhance your walk with God!

Homeschool Curriculum and
Homeschool Curriculum and Support was developed by homeschoolers & for homeschoolers. It is the #1 site for homeschool curriculum and support information, and a huge repository for homeschool resources. Their mission is simply to help homeschoolers find all the resources they need to succeed in their homeschool endeavors!
Christian beliefs explained and defended also included is a section on cults including Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses.

Link School Ministries
Offers in-class Bible studies, business workshops and self-improvement seminars, depending on demands, volunteer help availability and location availability. Website is a wealth of information for Christians.

Free Church Forms
Free Church Forms and more that you can download, modify and print. Organize your church with forms such as: membership application,mileage and expense, background check, consents, certificates, flyers, etc. There is also a Church Membership Database that tracks, memberships, contributions, etc.

Bible Leadership
A site to assist in learning Bible leadership principles that help people grow in their spiritual lives.

Website on the history of the Christian religion: from the beginning ministry of Jesus, to the diverse traditions and Doctrines of the three main branches of Christianity, as well as many other denominations.

Atlanta pictures will allow you to view this beautiful city and its rich history and culture.Learn about various attractions in Atlanta, see them and watch videos!

Practical Spiritual Warfare
Here is valuable information on the spiritual warfare going on for the souls of man. The content is practical and usable as apposed to emotional. Practical experience with what has worked and what has not worked forms the basis of the content. Emphasis is on bringing change for the renewal of man’s mind for transformation.

Finding God in Autism
Great website and book that gives Biblical resources to help you as a parent raising your special needs child. From mild to aggressive and challenging behavior you can have peace, hope and strength. Your toughest questions will be answered on this site and the book.

Christian Prayer Center
Their mission: to bring together the faithful to share in prayer for those in need. If you would like to submit a prayer request, it will be shared with the community of faithful Christians, so that they may pray for you.
WUFSD is an NGO committed to ensuring the safety of online daters. The goal of this website, as is the broader mission of the WUFSD is to expose and eliminate online dating violence through education and awareness. Also attempts to be the most informative and helpful resource for Christian singles generally, and consequently we produce content, such as our complete list of Christian singles groups throughout the US, as well as reviews, deals and coupons for online dating sites.
Meet Christian women like yourself, who love the Lord and cherish their faith as much as you do.

Best Remedies Plus Church
One stop center for meeting physical,financial and spiritual needs. Provides information for natural remedies that are harmless and essential for healthy lifestyles.

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