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Luke, John and Acts; Background and Analysis



The Gospels of Luke, John, Acts

By Dr. Willis C. Newman

This 119 plus page ebook explains the background and meaning of the two Gospels (Luke and John) and the Acts of the Apostles. Included are detailed outlines, commentary and extended notes on some special topics. 

These topics include: the Herod family, Theophilus, baptized in the Holy Spirit, second work of grace, speaking in tongues, and a selected bibliography for the New Testament.

Check out the table of contents below for more details. 


The Gospel of Luke

Brief Context of the Gospel of Luke

Background information

The author

Date and place of writing

Theme and purpose

Target readership

The distinctiveness of Luke’s Gospel

Noteworthy observations and emphasis

Samples of Christ’s teaching in Luke

Brief outline of Luke

Analysis, comments, practical notes

The preparation of Jesus Christ

Introduction to the book

Childhood of John and Jesus

Ministry of Jesus Christ in Galilee

Jesus’ temptation

Jesus introduced His ministry

Jesus demonstrated His authority and power

Jesus selected His disciples

Jesus was active in ministry

Ministry in Judea and Perea

Rejected by Samaritans, men of the world, commissioned the 70

Explained true religion, taught Mary and Martha, taught disciples to pray,

Rejection by many, Jewish leaders, Hypocrisy, greed, faithfulness,

Divisions and signs.

Jesus’ teachings: repentance, hypocrisy, kingdom, 

different kinds of people

Soul-winning, Prodigal son, wealth.

Jesus taught about hell

Various principles of life

Jesus’ week of passion 

Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem

Jesus wept over Jerusalem’s destruction

Jesus cast out the temple money changers

Day three: confrontation and teaching

The second coming of Christ

The betrayal by Judas: day four

Day five: Thursday

Day six: Friday

Day seven: Saturday

The resurrection and ascension of Christ

The empty tomb, Emmaus disciples

The resurrected body and life

The Great Commission

The ascension of Christ 

Extended notes

The Herod family

Who was Theophilus?

Timeline of Paul’s ministry

The Gospel of John

Background information

The writer

        The purpose and theme

Date and place of writing; readership and context

Seven sign miracles of John

Noteworthy observations

Christ’s Deity emphasized

Christ’s claims to Deity

Eternal life

Brief outline of John

The Gospel of John: analysis, outline, comments

Introduction: the Person of Christ

Twelve great truths about Jesus Christ

Christ is the Logos (Word)

Christ eternally co-existent with God the Father

Witnesses to the Person of Christ

Witness of John the Baptist

Witness of Jesus’ disciples

Ten great titles given to Jesus in chapter one

Witness of Jesus

The public ministry of Christ

Christ cleansed the temple

Christ witnessed to Nicodemus

We must be born again: Jesus

Faith alone for salvation

John the Baptist gave testimony

Jesus led the Samaritan woman to salvation

Jesus healed the official’s son

Jesus: the author and sustainer of life

The Bread of Life

The seven great I Am’s

Jesus was opposed by others

Jesus and the woman taken in adultery

Jesus the spiritual light of the world

Jesus as the Good Shepherd

Lazarus raised from the dead

Jesus ministered in private to His own

Last supper, encouragement, fruit bearing, Holy Spirit, prayer

Jesus suffered and died

Arrested, before Annas, Caiaphas, Pilate, crucifixion, burial

Jesus rose from the dead

Empty tomb, Mary Magdalene, disciples, Thomas, the seven disciples,

On backsliding 

The Acts of the Apostles

Background context

Background and introduction

The author

The purpose of the book

The date and setting

General & prominent features

Special importance of Acts

Sequence of major events linked to time 

The book of Acts outlined

Analysis and comments

The Gospel in Jerusalem 

Ministry of Jesus on earth

The Great Commission, 

Between death and resurrection, ascension

Matthias, the replacement of Judas, 

Day of Pentecost

Baptized in the Holy Spirit

Speaking in tongues

Second work of grace, the Holy Spirit in salvation

Repentance, water baptism, obedience and salvation

Joel’s prophecy

Impact of Pentecost, miracle healing, Peter’s sermon on repentance

First persecution, 

Ananias & Sapphira, 

Second persecution

Problems of church growth, first deacons

Murder of Stephen, regarding death

The church in Judea & Samaria

The church scattered by persecution, 


Conversion of Paul

Peter prepared to evangelize the Gentiles

The Gospel to the utmost parts of the world

Start of the church at Antioch

Christians persecuted by Herod

The first missionary journey by Paul

The Jerusalem council: heresy counteracted

Second missionary journey by Paul

Third missionary journey by Paul

Paul the prisoner for the Gospel

Paul’s arrest in Jerusalem, defense to the mob, removed to Caesarea

Paul’s defense to Felix, Festus, Agrippa

Paul on to Rome: ocean voyage & shipwreck

Paul’s ministry of Malta, Rome

Selected bibliography for the New Testament

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